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When it comes to treating orthopedic conditions, Beverly Hills Orthopaedics offers an entire suite of options, including onsite diagnostics and non-surgical treatment. From sports medicine to arthroscopy to reconstructive surgery – we do it all. There aren’t many orthopedic surgery groups in our area that can match the quality of our physicians or the range of services available at Beverly Hills Orthopaedics.

Services We Offer:

For your convenience, we offer onsite diagnostics and pain management therapy, including X-rays, diagnostic ultrasound imaging, and injections (Supartz and Xiaflex). We will soon be offering physical therapy, as well.

During your initial evaluation, we will ask you when, how, and where the problem started. We’ll take the time to completely understand and thoroughly evaluate your pain. Most patients will have an X-ray and/or MRI performed to confirm the diagnosis. Treatment options will then be discussed in detail between you and your doctor, who will help you choose the best course of action and answer any of your questions.

We generally recommend exhausting all non-surgical treatment options before resorting to surgery. Depending on the nature of your injury, however, surgery may be the only option. In addition, we can suggest options for controlling your pain.

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