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To properly diagnose your orthopedic injury or condition, we use diagnostic tests to gather as much information as possible. Only then can we determine the most effective treatment for you.

At Beverly Hills Orthopaedics, we offer X-rays and ultrasound imaging onsite at our Beverly Hills, Michigan orthopedic office. X-rays enable our orthopedic doctors to see all types of fractures, including tiny hairline fractures or chips, while X-rays produced after treatment ensure that a fracture has been properly aligned and stabilized for healing.

Ultrasound imaging provides pictures of muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, nerves and soft tissue throughout the body. Ultrasound can be especially helpful because it captures images in real-time, which shows the structure and movement of joints, muscles, soft tissue, etc.

Your doctor will evaluate your X-rays and/or ultrasound and let you know the results. If either test is inconclusive, you may need an MRI, CT scan, or bone scan. The quicker we can obtain these tests and make an accurate diagnosis, the quicker you can begin treatment. If needed, our office will coordinate other diagnostic services for you and accommodate your scheduling needs.

For prompt diagnosis and comprehensive orthopedic treatment, make an appointment today at Beverly Hills Orthopaedics by calling (248) 644-3920 or using our online appointment request form.