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Trauma & Reconstructive Surgery

The surgeons at Beverly Hills Orthopaedics in Oakland County, Michigan are uniquely qualified to care for patients with orthopedic trauma and post-surgical issues. These rare and difficult cases require a higher level of expertise and skills to comprehend what a patient needs and resolve the problem.

Orthopaedic Trauma

Orthopedic trauma refers to anything beyond a basic fracture – severe injuries, shattered bones, crushed bones, etc. Patients with severe orthopedic trauma may have been injured at work or involved in an auto accident. Intense reconstructive surgery is typically required to help the patient get to a point where they can begin the rehabilitation process. Even after treatment, patients can develop post-traumatic arthritis and other problems that need medical attention.

Post-Surgical Issues

Unfortunately, not all orthopedic surgeries are perfect. Some patients are left with post-surgical infections, limb-length issues, or incomplete or incorrect healing (malunions/non-unions), which can lead to additional surgeries and stress for the patient.

Beverly Hills Orthopaedics is here to help anyone in need, no matter how difficult the case may be. Don’t hesitate to call us; when every other doctor says no, we’ll say yes. With the exception of spine surgery, our doctors can take care of the whole body.

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