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Hip & Knee

At Beverly Hills Orthopaedics, our hip and knee surgeons are prepared to diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate your hip or knee problem. Injuries to the knee and/or hip are very common, especially during physical activity, sports, or if you have fallen.

As we age, arthritis and other degenerative conditions can begin to cause a great deal of pain in the hip and knee joints. Fortunately, orthopedic medicine can fix most hip and knee conditions, and surgery may not always be necessary.

You should see a hip and knee surgeon if you have:

  • Sharp or continual pain in the knee joint or hip, even at rest
  • Swelling around the knee or hip
  • Catching or locking of the joint
  • Limited range of motion (cannot extend or bend your leg completely)
  • Pain associated with movement of the knee or hip joint
  • Instability or weakness

If you have joint pain in your hip or knee, it would be our pleasure to take care of you so that you can walk and stand without pain, and get back to the activities that make you feel good again.

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Hip Conditions & Procedures

Knee Conditions & Procedures

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You don’t have to live with pain. Beverly Hills Orthopaedics wants to help you conquer your hip or knee pain and make a complete recovery. We have knee surgeons and hip surgeons on staff, so call us now at (248) 644-3920 or request an appointment online.